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  • Cloud Computing. Talk with us about how it can help your business.

  • Disaster Recovery. Even in Colorado this is a real threat.

  • We manage your IT so you can more effectively manage your business.

  • IT Security can be overwhelming when the bad guys have unlimited time and resources to attack your network. Let us help.

  • We make technology a resource for team members rather than a burden.


We have specialists in security consulting to help your business meet and maintain its security procedures.


We work with businesses on many of their Technology Integration Projects. See how we can help you with yours.


Make sure your business and/or the business you hired to handle your systems are handling it properly with our Information Systems Review.


If a full time IT person doesn’t make sense for your business, but you’d still like the advantages of one, let us help with our Managed Services.


Internet and Network Security can be difficult to maintain even for the seasoned professional. Let us help protect your business.


Disaster Planning can often fall to the bottom of the priority list, but it happens everyday through fires or floods from burst pipes. Let us help prepare you with a Plan B.

About Company Biography

Snow Fox IT has developed strategic alliances with key businesses. Through these strategic business relationships and network, Snow Fox IT can deliver solutions incorporating over 185,000 products from over 480 different vendors, while steering clear of solutions that have been problematic for other businesses.

In terms of service, our technical services staff tests and evaluates a wide variety of system configurations before new products are introduced or delivered to our clients. This quality control process reduces costly and time consuming system installation problems while onsite.

Finally, our consultants meet with representatives from major service providers, hardware and software manufacturers, and industry consulting firms to research market opportunities, evaluate and select products, and provide clients with the most current information.


Our Vision

To design, implement, and manage technology solutions for our clients, using quality services and products. We leverage our flexible business, technical and consulting expertise to help our clients and generate profit.

Our Mission

We help clients protect their assets and improve their results. We enhance effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and profitability using technology created with our business partners and our internal teams.

Our Value Proposition

  • We will listen and deliver on what we promise.
  • We will commit ourselves to making a difference everyday.
  • We will focus our efforts on building valuable assets for our company and our partners.
  • We will speak and listen in the language of possibility.
  • We will commit ourselves to customer intimacy.
  • We will have fun.
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IT Management What We Do

Network and IT Management

At Snow Fox IT we want to help our clients maximize their profitability by ensuring system uptime and minimizing business interruptions. We provide comprehensive proactive management, maintenance and troubleshooting for all your I.T. assets (servers, desktops, firewalls, routers, switches and other devices) through our proactive/reactive services. Additionally, we provide a fully staffed help-desk to help your people deal with any issues they may encounter.

  • Monitor key systems that impact performance and profits.
  • Remotely diagnose and resolve many problems before they occur.
  • Secure a trained and certified back-up for in-house technical staff.
  • Automate time-consuming processes to free up internal resources.
  • Schedule reviews of reports and plans.

Key Business Benefits

  • Proactive approach treats IT like a business.
  • Improve network availability and performance.
  • Reduce mean time to resolution.
  • Reduce costly network downtime.
  • Priority support and response status over non-monitored customers.
  • Lower hourly rates on services.
  • Equalized monthly payments.

Services Provided

  • Availability monitoring.
  • Performance and predictive failure monitoring.
  • Scheduled technician time for support, maintenance, changes and user education.
  • Proactive remote maintenance.
  • Predictable IT spending patterns.


Key Business Features

  • Monitor key systems that impact performance and profits.
  • Remotely diagnose and resolve many problems before they occur.
  • Secure a trained and certified back-up for in-house technical staff.
  • Automate time-consuming processes to free up internal resources.
  • Schedule reviews of reports and plans.

Free 2 hour Consultation

We offer a free two hour consult for all new inquiries. We believe in adding value up front before asking anything more from you and your business.

IT Consulting Our Works

Business and IT Consulting

Snow Fox IT offers consulting services with three main differences:

  1. Our focus is on you. We carefully evaluate each project and client before accepting to improve opportunity for success.
  2. We know our niche and our network. We realize areas where we have strengths and know when to leverage our national network of subject matter experts.
  3. We guarantee the value of our work. Hard to believe from consultants? We want you to understand that we take your projects and our work seriously. Based on your case-by-case needs for outcomes, project management or total investment, we can develop a guarantee that helps you succeed.

We offer a wide range of services ranging from Technology Assessments and Strategic Technology Plans to Security Consulting and Training. We can develop proposals for individual engagements or for a combination of services. We provide consulting related to the following topic list and offer additional areas through our national network of subject matter experts.

  • Security Consulting
  • High Technology Services
  • Technology Assessment
  • Strategic Technology Plan
  • Plan and Procedures
  • Technology Integration
  • Training and Education
  • Business Continuity
  • Information Systems Review

Consulting Services:

  • CPA Firm Tech Assessment
  • Accounting Software
  • Paperless
  • Small Business
  • Internet and Network Security
  • Disaster Planning

News Latest Posts

New Website and Knowledgebase

Snow Fox IT launches a new website design.

Along with this design comes a much improved knowledge-base/ticketing system for it’s clients.  This will function similar to a Google search to get clients the answer to their issues very quickly and with step by step instructions.  In the event the knowledge-base cannot find an answer a ticket can be submitted by the client and a support representative will work with them on their issue and create a new knowledge-base article detailing the steps for resolution.

What are your thoughts on this new feature?

KeyMe Saves You Money When You Lock Yourself Out of the House

iOS: Locking yourself out of the house not only wastes a ton of your time, but it costs a lot of money if you need to have your locks changed. KeyMe attempts to save you the trouble by keeping an analysis of your key that you can print out and provide to a locksmith in the event of emergency.

Much like Shloosl (now known as Keys Duplicated), KeyMe scans a key with your smartphone and figures out how to duplicate it. Through the app you can order your own duplicates for about $5 (it varies by key type) and purchase instructions for a locksmith for $15. While a bit pricey for printable instructions, it’ll only cost you a few dollars more to have a duplicate key created rather than the $100+ to change your locks. Furthermore, if you live in certain parts of New York you can also find a KeyMe kiosk and have a key generated for you for less.

Small Businesses Going to the Cloud: Three Top Considerations

A look at the issues small companies need to make sure they address before jumping into cloud computing. Small businesses, of course, can save a ton of money and gain a lot of efficiencies by going to the cloud. But getting there isn’t necessarily that simple. Fact is, one size does not fit all. “A startup marketing company, for example, may take a very different path from an established medical practice,” says Igal Rabinovich, CEO of IT Help Central, a White Plains, NY consulting firm. Here are some key considerations to take into account before making the move.

Used with the permission of http://thenetwork.cisco.com

Create a migration plan.

Best is not to make the change willy-nilly, particularly if you think you’ll be moving many applications to the cloud. That means having a roadmap for how you’ll proceed, introducing applications one at a time and testing each one before deciding to go ahead with it and then moving onto the next. You also need to include a training period for employees to learn how to use each application. The length and complexity of your plan, of course, depends on the number of applications you have, the size of your business and how distributed your workforce is, according to Ron Braatz, president of LiftOff Learning, an IT consulting firm. Introducing, say, an e-mail system to a highly distributed workforce would take longer than it would for a company where everyone works in the same office. A plan can do more than help your move to the cloud go smoothly, however. It can also provide a larger strategic boost. Jill Billhorn, vice president, small business at CDW, a Vernon Hills, Ill., IT consulting firm recalls a fast-growing client, an exercise business that was opening up locations at a rapid pace. At first, the approach was to launch new venues and bring IT staff in on the plan only shortly before opening. “It ended up that IT had to spend much of their time putting out fires as a result,” says Billhorn. Eventually, the IT group decided to start scrutinizing the expansion plan for the following year and form a blueprint for introducing appropriate applications. As a result, as the business grew, they were able to operate more judiciously and effectively, and that helped overall expansion, according to Billhorn. Using a plan also puts you ahead of the pack. Only 35% of small businesses have developed a written strategic roadmap for the adoption of cloud computing, according to a survey, recently conducted by CDW.

Think about reliability.

Whatever you’re using the cloud for, chances are it’s important to the functioning of your business. So you want to make sure you have access you can rely on. Take Roper DeGarmo, president of Signature Personal Insurance, an insurance brokerage in Mission, Mo., who started using cloud applications eight years ago and now employs everything from e-mail to client data storage systems. According to DeGarmo, who, until recently ran his business from home, his cable connection worked well until later on in the day when more people started using the Internet after returning from work. He ended up adding a DSL connection for Internet access at those times. “Having a fast connection is obviously great, but if the connection has stability problems it can wreak havoc with file uploads and online services,” says DeGarmo. You also need to make sure your service providers have adequate backup precautions. For example, if you’re using a phone system, make sure the service automatically will be rerouted to another telephone line if the servers are down. “Always ask the question, what happens if you go down, how will it impact me,” says Rabinovich. Rabinovich, in fact, suggests small businesses think twice before putting certain mission-critical functions in the cloud. ” I always ask clients, if the capability is down for a couple of hours or couple of days, what will that mean for your business,” he says. “If the answer is, you won’t be able to function, you might not move that application to the cloud.”

Look at the legal issues.

For starters, scrutinize the fine print. Example: A cloud provider may waive liability in case of lost data. Depending on your industry, you also may need to make sure you’re compliant with regulations governing data. If, say, you operate in Europe or have European customers, you’ll need to consider the EU’s Data Protection Directive, which regulates the processing of personal data, according to Keith Broyles, a partner and specialist in intellectual property at Alston & Bird, a law firm in Atlanta. You also need to be aware of where your data will be hosted. The reason: If it will be on a server outside of the U.S. and there’s a problem, depending on your contractual provisions, you could wind up ” not getting the benefit of U.S. laws,” says Broyles. Then there’s the matter of your exit strategy. “You want to be mindful that there’s going to become a point when the relationship between you and your cloud vendor ends,” says Todd McClelland, who also is a partner at Alston & Bird. For that reason, you negotiate your exit strategy upfront, rather than dealing with it when you’re about to pull the plug. The upshot: going to the cloud has many benefits. For best success, however, you need to arm yourself with as much information as possible before jumping in.

DropBox Authentication Bug | How To Keep Your Documents Safe in the Cloud

On June 20th DropBox announced – via their company blog - that during a code update a bug was introduced that affected (Broke) their authentication mechanism.

Hi Dropboxers,

Yesterday we made a code update at 1:54pm Pacific time that introduced a bug affecting our authentication mechanism. We discovered this at 5:41pm and a fix was live at 5:46pm. A very small number of users (much less than 1 percent) logged in during that period, some of whom could have logged into an account without the correct password. As a precaution, we ended all logged in sessions.

Luckily, no one took advantage of the mistake and malevolently exploited the security glitch. DropBox quickly resolved the issue, fixing the bug, and once again our data was secure.

But what’s to say this kind of security failure doesn’t happen again? What extra precautions can we, the users, take to ensure our data remains secure and compromised?

Here are two solutions I have come across:

TrueCrypt – Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Encryption


TrueCrypt allows cloud users the opportunity to mount an encrypted file inside of their already encrypted folder. This takes the security out of the hands of the hands of companies like DropBox. Even if an unauthorized user managed to gain access to your DrobBox account, they still would not be able to view your actual files. Pretty nifty, eh?

However, TrueCrypt is not without it’s caveat. Because TrueCrypt has to mounted as a single drive, all of your file changes will not sync with DropBox. Only when unmounted will the drive be able to replicate to DropBox’s servers.

(In steps BoxCryptor)…

BoxCryptor – On-The-Fly Encryption For Cloud Storage


Without going into much detail on this post, let me just say, BoxCryptor is kick-ass solution to the cloud encryption problem.

Jason Fitzpatrick (@jasonfitzpatric), from How-To-Geek.com,wrote a great article about BoxCryptor including the benefits, features, and installation. If your interested in learning more about BoxCryptor it’s a good place to start.

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